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[Haruka/Makoto]: Where The Heart Is

Title: Where The Heart Is
Pairing: Makoto/Haruka
Rating: PG
Note: Okay so I'm finally writing makoharu things... Prompt from Anon was "first kiss."

Haruka's hand hits the wall and the timer stops.

It marks the end of the race, but for Haruka it was never about the time, it was about being one with the water, letting himself go. He hangs in the water for a long moment, amidst the flurry of bubbles and liquid silence, and Haruka can feel it with the very pulse in his veins; this is his home.

He breaks the surface of the water eventually, and it feels like diving into noise. There are happy cheers and shouted congratulations, and Haruka is swept away by the sea of faces around him.

"Congratulations on first place!!"

"You were so fast in the water! Like a real dolphin!"

"Uwah, Nanase senpai is really the coolest, huh?"

The same words roll over him in waves, and Haruka nods at them in response, indifferent. His grandmother's words echo in his mind, and Haruka looks forward to the day he'll be considered ordinary.

"Haru-chan!" The crowd parts for Makoto, and before Haruka knows it he's being lifted to into the air, spun around easily in Makoto's strong arms. "Haru-chan is the best!"

Haruka feels himself flush, and wonders how such simple words from Makoto could make his heart beat a little faster, when the same words from anyone else wouldn't have fazed him at all.

"P-put me down!" Haruka half shouts, feeling out of place in the air.

"You won your first tournament, Haru-chan, I'm so proud!" Makoto slides Haruka down into his arms, leans in and kisses him as if it were the most natural thing to do. And that's exactly what it feels like, natural, easy, as if Makoto's lips were made to be pressed softly against Haruka's. For a moment, everything seems impossibly quiet, like a crescendo into a roar of deafening silence.

It's a quick, fleeting kiss, fueled by the heat of the moment, and they pull apart, Makoto's eyes wide with surprise. "Ah s-sorry, Haru-chan I got carried away and--"

"No fair, I want to give Haru-chan a kiss too!" Nagisa tugs on Haruka's arm, sporting a precious puppy-eyed look even though Haruka has turned the other way, shaking his head.

The crowd of fans causes Haruka to slowly drift away from Makoto, and he doesn't follow for once, instead wonders how he'll make it through the night at Haruka's house today.

"Did you brush your teeth?" Makoto had a habit of asking every night, a side effect from being the big brother of two forgetful younger siblings. Haruka turns to him, blowing mint scented air into his friend's face in reply.

Dinner had gone well between the two of them, Haruka had actually cooked something other than fish (it was squid, but Makoto still considered it a victory). Haruka had been quiet, as always, but Makoto felt it even more after today's incident. He had done most of the talking, and Haruka was even less responsive, staring at some corner of the room, or the floor, or at the squid on his plate.

Makoto went so far as to mention their plans tomorrow, which involved swimming in the ocean, and even then Haruka barely replied with an offhand comment about the weather. That was when Makoto knew it was time to address the issue.

"I'm sorry again about today," Seated next to Haruka on the futon, Makoto fisted his hands in the sheets and gathered the courage to bring up that day's events. "About...the kiss."

Haruka looked at him with a certain intensity in his eyes that made Makoto look away this time.

"I didn't mean to, I was kind of just going with the flow, I'm sorry and--"

Makoto's words are cut off by Haruka's hand on his, warm, and ever so light.

"Don't be," Haruka says, loosely holding Makoto's hand. His dark hair falls over his eyes, covers his face as he adds, quietly, "...Don't be sorry."

Makoto feels a rush of different emotions, all at once. Sweet relief at the fact that his kiss was not a mistake, not unwanted, yet for the very same reason, Makoto feels a tightness in his chest and wonders if wanting Haruka this much is really okay.

With a gentle touch of his fingers, Makoto tilts Haruka's head up, catches the faintest blush on Haruka's cheeks, and leans forward to kiss him again, kiss him and mean it this time.

Makoto shuts his eyes and ends up missing, lips brushing Haruka's nose. He makes an embarrassed noise, tries to apologize but Haruka is quicker, as usual, leans forward and presses his lips against Makoto's.

It's soft and slow at first, and part of Makoto is expecting Haruka to pull away suddenly, change his mind, but instead Haruka grips the collar of his shirt to bring himself closer, finding his way into Makoto's lap.

"Haru-chan..." Makoto's hands slide up Haruka's thighs, settling firmly around his small waist, and Haruka is too far gone to correct Makoto about his name this time. Their lips part shyly, hesitant, mouths pulling away and coming back together again with soft, muffled noises that make Makoto's cheeks flush red.

But it's nice, feeling Haruka tremble under his hands at the way their lips move together, at the quiet noises of want between hot, shallow breaths.

When they pull apart, Haruka buries his face into the side of Makoto's neck, panting lightly against the front of his shirt. Makoto's arms end up around him in a loose hug, and Haruka feels like he finally knows how to describe this feeling.

"You remind me of being in the water," Haruka murmurs, and looks up at Makoto holding him in his arms, feeling safely enveloped by warmth, comfort, a sense of peace. Makoto laughs, a light, happy sound, tells Haruka that's the highest compliment he's ever received. Haruka presses his face to Makoto's chest, mumbles something under his breath as Makoto pulls both of them down, under the sheets.

"You feel like home."
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